Friday, April 13, 2012

Porch Inspiration...

I love to look at beautiful pictures to get inspiration for my porch decor.

On this porch, I love the gingerbread trim. I can't really do that in the front but am thinking of doing it in the back.

This porch uses bunting. I love that just a small amount of bunting makes such an impact.

I love the all red and white cushions on white furniture shown on this porch. Adding to the look, are all red geraniums. I love this!

Again, this porch uses white furniture with red cushions. The color blue is added in this photo. I would remove the purplish plant at the bottom. But I love this color scheme for summer.
Retro looking, bright pillows on the white swing are colorful and fun. I guess I'm seeing some white furniture in my future.
Here we have pink and yellow with a touch of aqua. I'm really liking the porches that have flowers that are the same colors as the cushions on the furniture. That's a great decorating idea.

So, guess I'll get started on my planning, cushion making and furniture painting....or maybe I'll just keep looking at photos.....

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Jill said...

I came across something on Pinterest that is tied to you. I want to know more! Can you tell me the date of the original blogpost? It is about the Quilt car that is a van.