Sunday, January 10, 2010


Charlie and Lola are my little wonder dogs! They love the sign they got for Christmas which shows their Wonder Dog status to the world. Both are rescues--Lola from a horrible puppy mill and Charlie from being tied up in someone's back yard (click on their pictures to read their stories). Charlie and Lola are loved by everyone who meets them. They are very grateful for their rescue!

I wanted to show you a list of some of the companies that do animal testing. I won't distress you with the details but things these companies do to helpless animals are very, very bad. Please take a look at this list and decide if you want to continue to buy products from these companies. Lola and Charlie could have both ended up at the pound and could have been picked up by these companies for research. We will never knowingly sell any fabric that has had dye testing on animals.

Now I'll get down off my soapbox and remind you to enter our Giveaway for FREE fabric! We will always have a giveaway going! Fun and prizes! As Charlie would say, "Woot" and I say thank you for letting me share somthing that weighs on my heart!

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