Friday, September 4, 2009

LOLA'S STORY (as told by Lola)

Today I don't want to talk about 44th Street Fabric shop. Today I want to celebrate little Lola's life and tell her tell her story (in her own words). Lola came to me through a wonderful animal rescue called Pets and People. They are a no-kill shelter and find homes for thousands of cats and dogs every year. They have a lovely facility with a dog park and a paid vet tech. In tough economic times shelters really suffer and we aren't asking for money from you (although they would take it)! You can click on a link on their home page and without it costing you anything (costs you zero) , you can register and when you shop at certain places, they will donate money to Pets and People. Please, please, please take 5 minutes and help out! Here's Lola's story which was written after she had been with us a few weeks!

My Story

by Lola

My name is Lola, I am a shih tzu and I want to tell you my story. I was born in a place called a puppy mill. I lived there with 40 other doggies. We all shared little pens that were built originally to be rabbit hutches. They were up off the ground and had chicken wire floors. We didn't get to go outside our pens very often. When we did, we were taken into a building called a garage and there we were bred to other pups. I was always afraid. My friends and I always got excited when people came around but that wasn't very often. We drank our water out of bottles suspended from the cages. My eyes hurt a lot and I had thick yellow fluid in them and it was hard for me to see. I had some sores and lots of skin problems. I also had a bladder infection. I was very sick. I was grateful that I was not at the puppy mill alone but I was sorry my dog friends had to live this way too.
One day some people called animal control officers came to the puppy mill with some policemen. The people who owned the puppy mill ran away from them. The animal control officers found a big pile of dead doggies that weren't even buried. We were all so happy to see these nice people but were a little afraid of what might happen to us now! We could not understand why the animal control officers and policemen were crying when they saw us. They took us to a place called a shelter. Then some people called volunteers and vets and vet techs came in and they were really nice to us. They gave us baths and hair cuts. That was really scary! They gave us physical exams and even gave us shots. They were very sad that they had to help 20 of us go to the Rainbow Bridge. Those 20 doggies were just too sick. I was sad to see my friends go away.
This is not the end of my story though! Some people from a place called Pets and People came and got us! They called everybody to find us forever homes! They called my Mommy and told her about me and she came right away and took me home! I was so sick that during the first few days I don't remember much. I know I made 4 trips to my very own vet those first 3 days. The medicine I got from the vet made me start feeling better.
I have a brother named Charlie who is also a shih tzu! He was not very happy about me coming to live with him! Everything was new and scary! I did not know how to drink from a water bowl. I would lay down with my paws on each side of the bowl, take a deep breath and plunge my face in the water! I have learned how to drink like a big girl now. I did not know how to go down stairs and had some close calls learning how! I also had never been on grass! Boy, that stuff was weird! I have been watching Charlie closely to learn new things! He does something called playing. That's what I am learning now.
It is hard for my Mommy to take my picture cause I want to be touching her all the time. It feels good to be next to her and I am learning not to be afraid of the people I meet. We went to a place called the dog park and it was very hard for me. It brought back memories of the puppy mill and I was afraid my Mommy was going to leave me there. I know Charlie would not have minded too much if she had. I still shake a lot and new things scare me but I am what Mommy calls a "trooper". I wish I could thank all the people who saved me and the other 19 doggies that lived and found forever homes. I wish I could thank all people everywhere who rescue doggies and kitties from terrible situations and find them homes. They are true heroes. I have to go now. My adventure continues! Charlie has something called a greenie. I'll bet there is a greenie for me too.
Life is good!


Patty said...

I just found your blog through a Google news alert (keyword: Shih Tzu). Thank you so much for sharing Lola's story and for rescuing her. I'm so happy she has a wonderful home now, even though Charlie isn't that thrilled about it. :) I'll check out the link to the rescue group in a minute but first, I need to look at your fabric.

Patty said...

How funny -- my friend Kelly used to volunteer for Pets and People.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Oh Lola what a brave girl you are!!