Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another Oklahoma Beauty Block - 4 to go

Good morning! I have soooo much work to do today! But last night I did get another Oklahoma Beauty block done. That makes 2 out of 6 to finish this top! So 4 more to go.
I just need one more fat quarter with a great fabric for the background. I've looked at everything in my stash and just don't have a fabric I like. I might actually have to go shopping for a fat quarter! Pathetic that I am so excited to spend $3. - lol.

I'm kind of worried about Charlie. He has been kindof moping around. In July, it will be one year since they told me that he was not going to make it. Then the cardiologist prescribed the very expensive, very effective medication. Until yesterday, he's been very chipper. This medication is new and they really don't know how much it will extend his life. So today, I'm praying that he will have more good quality life. Well, that's kind of a downer...sorry about that. Hope your day is full of fun and love! XO and cheery wave from Bev


margaret said...

sorry to read Charlie is struggling, wonder if the hot weather is effecting him or maybe he is still out of sorts.
Block looks good, happy time shopping for more shopping

PamKittyMorning said...

Poor Charlie and poor you. We just have one of our three pets left, and I watch her a lot so I inow how you feel.

Love your blocks. seriously so colorful and cheerful, you always cheer me with them!